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Angelia Avallone / [AH3] Angelia Matchup Thread
« on: January 28, 2011, 07:54:16 pm »
This is where we discuss any matchup problems that you may have. I'll try and update the first post or something when we get some information down.

Some matches I have trouble with are Kamui, Clarice, Yoriko, and Cathy for starters. Yoriko isn't too bad as long as I try and punish pentagram setups. Clarice's mobility and range make the matchup pretty hard for me, as well as command grabs, and the Halo setup into her one super. Cathy is just Cathy.

Regional / SoVA Thread
« on: December 16, 2010, 10:14:05 pm »
Yeah SoVA.

Upcoming Events

Drem casuals, casuals at Blacks and Dsinnie (check SRK/DL/MB, ask or PM)

Blackula hosts every Monday and Friday, around 7:30ish. Dsinnie hosts Thursdays and Saturdays at about the same time.

Drem is back, and is probably going to host again soon.


Jinks - :weiss: :scharlachrot:
Joe - :angelia: :kamui:
Kam - :maori: :clarice:
PHB/Blake - :akane:
DBC - :petra:
Gummowned - :dorothy:
ShinSyn - :saki:
RyRy - :saki:
Drem - :akane:
comatonic - :clarice: :lilica:
Shawn/tenpowers - :konoha:
Ryto - :scharlachrot:

and last but not least Dsinnie who doesn't play the game really, he just likes Eko's Castle super.

Congrats to RyRy for taking the first Arcana Heart 3 tournament in our area.

Interested in SoVA BlazBlue? Post here.

Interested in SoVA Melty Blood? Post here.

Interested in SoVA Street Fighter? Post here.

Interested in SoVA King of Fighters XIII? Post here.

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